Hantsport Homecoming Music Festival


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Having’ a Time in the Haven of Hospitality

On a rainy July day, the spirit of the community known as Hantsport was alive and well.  The former Town of Hantsport was the site for the second annual Hantsport Homecoming Music Festival, and was bigger and better than the first one.  Both current and former residents of the small town attended.  There were five bands playing on a stage built by a handful of volunteers.  They included the Parson Brother, No Name Blues Band, Highway 125, the Hupman Brothers, and the legendary Cape Breton  musician, Matt Minglewood.  Unfortunately for me, I did not get the opportunity to see and hear the first two bands, but was really impressed with the talent and showmanship of the last three.

Emily Dingwall

Emily Dingwall from the Matt Minglewood Band

Cape Breton Blues

Curtis Matheson from Highway 125

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