Adventures in Hall’s Harbour, NS


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Yesterday, we decided to take a little trip to Hall’s Harbour, Nova Scotia to see if we could catch some photos of the sunset, and the local scenery.  It was a bit of an adventure getting there, but we did make it.  Here is Darlene’s take on our journey:

What is it with men & directions??? The plan was, after a movie and supper out last night (early b-day treat), we were heading to Hall’s Harbour. So, as it’s been awhile, I looked up the directions on Google Map and had it all ready to go. I was heading to the shower so I wanted to pass Scott my laptop so he could see the directions and print them off for us. He said to me, “No, I’m looking it up myself”, so I shut my computer, showered, and away we went. I bet you can guess where this is going… So, we’re driving along and Scott zooms past the road I’m pretty sure we were supposed to take, and so I tell him he was supposed to turn. Does he turn back though, nooooo, he does not. 010169-yellow-road-sign-icon-arrows-two-directions-left-right1At this point I know we’re heading in the wrong direction, but he keeps driving, even though I mentioned it several more times. Somehow we ended up looping around and intersecting that same street he was supposed to turn left on awhile ago (now it would be a right), but does he turn, nooooo, he keeps on going. Finally we stop at a gas station and ask the very young guy at the counter for directions. He tells us to turn back the way we came, come to fork in the road and head straight through. Ok, good… we’ve got this! Well, we should have had this… Problem was, Scott’s idea of straight and mine and the clerks, totally different! And I’m not sure, but I believe the fork he should have taken, was that same damn road he didn’t take several times already. Finally we locate a store and Scott goes in for directions. Turn left at Steam Mill Road, etc. Ok, good… we’ve got this! Well, I’m not sure if Steam Mill Road even actually exists, or if it does, we never found it.

Thankfully though, we did finally find Hall’s Harbour. What should have been a 20 minute drive took over an hour.

Good news is, we kept our sense of humour (only once or twice did I want to smack him… LOL) and we did manage to get to Hall’s Harbour before sunset. smile emoticon

















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