5 Ways To Get Creative With Digital Art: Part III


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Cut And Paste: Photo Recycling Recycled

How To Be Manipulative….In A Good Way


Another way to reuse your photos in new creative ways is to combine them into a new image. You can simply crop them in some cases and blend the images together by using them as layers in your digital artwork. A better way would be to use layer masks to isolate the part of the photo you want to use. By using the layer masks and experimenting with blend modes you can come up with unimaginable images. My image called “Dare To Dream” in a good example of this technique. I combined various photos that I had taken over the years to create an image that represents the various things that commonly occur in dreams such as the sensation of falling, traveling through time, flying, etc….

Dare To Dream wrapped canvas zazzle_wrappedcanvas
Dare To Dream wrapped canvas by sruhs
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