5 Ways To Get Creative With Digital Art: Part II


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Fun With Filters

Mix and Match or Mix and Mismatch

Experimentation is a key component to creativity. PhotoShop has lots of ways to manipulate your images. Try them all. You never know what you can come up with if you don’t try.
If you are afraid of messing up your original photo or artwork make a back up copy first then experiment away. Go to the filters gallery and try out the different filters and move the sliders around to see what they do. You can even stack the filter effects. Even changing the order of the filters can produce a different result.

Here are a few examples of my digital artwork that was created partially by using filters in PhotoShop:

Purple Vortex Guitar Grip zazzle_wrappedcanvas
Purple Vortex Guitar Grip by atlanticdreams
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And Your Bird Can Sing zazzle_mug
And Your Bird Can Sing by atlanticdreams
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Good Times Bad Times print zazzle_print
Good Times Bad Times print by atlanticdreams
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