5 Ways To Get Creative With Digital Art: Part I


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Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing



Sometimes it can be difficult to get your creative juices flowing when you are creating a piece of digital art. Your creativity can stagnate. We all need to find new ways to kick start our creative endeavours. Hopefully this lens will help us do just that. Let’s see what we can do!





Digital Painting

Recycling Photos


You never know when an old photo may be useful. Not every photo you take is going to be a top level image that you want to show off to the world. Don’t despair though, that second rate image could end up as the heart of your next digital art masterpiece. A lot of my digital artwork starts out this way. There are lots of ways these images can be used. It can be the basis of creating a digital painting. My main software of choice for creating digital artwork is Adobe PhotoShop. A decent graphic tablet is crucial to having control over your artwork. There are a number of approaches to creating a digital painting. Open your photo in PhotoShop and create a new layer and start tracing out the the subject with the various paint brushes that are available, and slowly fill in the details. This of course works best if you have a graphics tablet set to pen pressure for more control. Your result may vary depending upon how good you are at drawing or painting.



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