5 Ways To Get Creative With Digital Art: Bonus


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A Change Of Perspective

The title sounds like a bad slasher movie or perhaps one of those crazy late night infomercials. Fear not! This article has nothing to do with either of those topics.
This article is about looking at your photos or artwork in different ways. The first tool to achieve this change of perspective is a very simple one which is available in most digital image editing software. I use Adobe PhotoShop. That very simple tool is….the crop tool.
Lobster Traps and Tall Ship Masts zazzle_wrappedcanvas
Lobster Traps and Tall Ship Masts by atlanticdreams

Your image can take on a very different look by making even slight changes in the way you crop the image. As most of you probably know, the composition of an image can heavily influence the emotional impact the image can have on you. What you don’t see is just as important as what you do see. By cropping out certain elements in the image you can draw attention to other parts of the image.
Sailing Jib zazzle_wrappedcanvas
Sailing Jib by atlanticdreams

Changing the angle of your crop can elicit different feeling towards the artwork. The artwork can go from relaxing and serene to instant vertigo with a simple twist of the crop alignment. Use the transform tool for some “extreme” fun that can quickly take you to the land of abstract. The lens correction filter can accentuate the effects of a wide angled lens.
That’s about it for now. So roll up your sleeves and dig into these powerful tools and see what you can come up with.

If you would like to add a link to your cropped and distorted masterpiece to the comment section below, feel free to do so.

Now get to it
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