2012: Looking Back Looking Forward


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2012: Looking Back Looking Forward

Tomorrow is New Years Eve.  2012 is winding down.  It is a time for reflection and to look to the future.  What will 2013 bring.  We survived the End of the World as predicted by the Mayan Calendar.  Through the past year there have been many moments of sorrow and of joy.  When it comes down to it though you get out of life what you put into it.

In 2012 the position I had held since 1999 vanished.  The company where I had been employed closed its doors due to shifts in the economy.  As one door closes another opens.  This is the way of the world.  My  level of experience in my field was extensive, but my skill set was not quite what was needed in the job market today.  It was time for a major change.

In the fall of 2012 I enrolled in college at the age of 50.  During the first semester there were many challenges and feelings of self-doubt.  Where did I fit into the campus culture?  Would I be able to manage the extensive workload, and maintain a healthy family life?

The amazing thing about the human race is its ability to adapt to the many changes throughout life.  It has been no different for me.  There are times of struggle.  It can be unnerving and uncomfortable, but this is what happens when you evolve and have personal growth.  It is a necessary part of the process.  There are hills to climb, and there are plateaus where you feel at ease, and confident in your knowledge, and with yourself.  You need both to continue to grow.  When you have reached a plateau, you can take the time to recognize the growth you have achieved while climbing the hill.  If not for this time of reflection and revelation, you would always feel the struggle and would eventually give up your pursuit of further growth.

Going to college is very much like climbing the hills.  I climbed many hills throughout the first semester, and reached a number of small plateaus before moving on to the next hill.  At the end of the semester I had climbed a big hill, and was able to enjoy the view during the Holiday break.  With the New Year upon us, I am preparing for the next hill.  The second semester will bring many new challenges, new instructors, new classmates, and new courses.

The point I am trying to get across is that no matter what life throws at you, you have to adapt to the situation, and accept the challenge to overcome the obstacles that have been put forth.  Do what you need to do to survive, to thrive, and live your life the best way you can.  It’s the only life you have so make is worthwhile, and don’t waste it away.

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